Coles Express

  • Coles Express has a rich history: Coles Express was launched in 1996 as a joint venture between Coles and Shell. It was acquired in 2003 by Coles and has since undergone significant expansion and rebranding efforts.
  • Coles Express offers a wide range of products and services: In addition to fuel, Coles Express operates standalone convenience sites that offer a variety of products and services such as car washes, snacks, drinks, and more. They also have fuel discount offers and loyalty programs that reward customers for their continued patronage.
  • The alliance between Coles and Viva Energy has strengthened Coles Express: Coles Express entered into a partnership agreement with Viva Energy in 2018, which resulted in the sale of Coles Express to Viva Energy and a rebranding effort that significantly improved the brand’s image and operations.

History of Coles Express

Coles Express has been a prominent figure in the Australian market since its inception. It’s fascinating to explore the rich history behind the brand’s success. In this section, let’s take a deep dive into the history of Coles Express.

We’ll start by examining the company’s origin and launch, followed by exploring the acquisition and transition of former Shell franchisees. Finally, we’ll delve into Coles Express’ expansion plans across the country and the impact it’s having on the industry. The story behind Coles Express is one of determination, rapid growth, and adaptation to change.

Origin and Launch

The inception and introduction of Coles Express into the market is traced back to its Origin and Launch. The establishment’s early days were characterized by its presence in the Australian oil industry, dating way back to 1914. However, as a stand-alone entity, Coles Express was launched in 2003 as a brand under Coles Group Limited, an Australian public company.

The expansion of Coles Express was evident upon its acquisition and transition of various Shell franchisees, which led to its increased presence across the country. This expansion drive continued with the opening of more standalone convenience sites in rural areas where there were limited petroleum services.

It is worth noting that the partnership agreement entered between Coles and Viva Energy brought significant changes to Coles Express operations. Upon sale to Viva Energy, Coles Express went through a rebranding exercise that infused new life into its branding.

Pro Tip: Understanding the history and background of any enterprise is crucial in gaining insights into how it operates currently or future-proofing it.

Coles Express: where former Shell franchisees go to become part of a bigger, sassier fuel family.

Acquisition and Transition of Former Shell Franchisees

Coles Express underwent a significant transformation with the acquisition and transition of former Shell franchisees. The company expanded its business by purchasing Shell’s retail fuel and convenience store network of over 300 sites across Australia and became one of the leading brands in the industry. Coles Express efficiently managed the transition by upgrading the stores, rebranding them uniformly, and undertaking massive logistical operations.

As Coles Express took over the stores, it retained all employees, and they were trained to meet its operational standards. The company smoothly transformed these sites into modern convenience stores that offered excellent customer services such as fresh food-to-go, ATMs, car wash facilities, and other amenities to serve its customers better. Furthermore, Coles Express launched a new online training platform to maintain consistency across all its locations.

The acquisition also brought cost-saving opportunities since more efficient supply chain management resulted from sourcing products for the additional stores centrally and optimizing routes for deliveries. By offering improved products and services under a single brand across Australia, Coles Express significantly increased its market share.

The acquisition led to a shift in focus for Shell’s parent company towards more profitable ventures and allowed co-ownership between Viva Energy and Coles Group Ltd after an agreement was reached in July 2019. Since then, Coles has entered into an alliance with Viva Energy wherein it supplies about two-thirds of Australia’s largest grocery retailer petrol products through Viva energy’s refineries in Victoria.

Looks like Coles Express is expanding faster than my waistline after a trip to the drive-thru.

Coles Express Expansion

As Coles Express expanded its operations, it aimed to increase the number of standalone convenience sites. It did this by acquiring existing service stations and converting them into Coles Express locations. These new locations helped the company expand its reach across Australia, with particular focus on strategic metropolitan and regional areas.

Furthermore, the expansion also included developing partnerships with other businesses to share co-branded sites. This allowed Coles Express to provide a wider range of products and services, such as car wash facilities and retail offerings.

To support this growth, the company invested in new technologies and systems for efficient operation management. This enabled them to streamline their processes, reduce costs, and improve customer experience.

Moreover, Coles Express also expanded its fuel discount offers through various promotions such as Flybuys Rewards Program. This helped attract more customers to its stores while strengthening customer loyalty.

To continue expanding successfully, Coles Express could consider opening new stores in emerging markets or partnering with other leading brands to establish co-branded locations. Additionally, they may explore introducing innovative products and services unique to their platform to differentiate the brand from competitors.

The Coles and Viva Energy alliance sounds like a superhero team-up, but really it’s just a partnership agreement.

Coles and Viva Energy Alliance

As a customer and a loyal follower of Coles Express, it’s exciting to see new developments in the Coles and Viva Energy alliance. The partnership agreement has brought some promising changes to the table, with both companies committed to evolving the convenience retail space. However, what caught my attention was the recent sale to Viva Energy and rebranding plans.

With the exciting rebranding plans underway, this marks a significant chapter in Coles Express’s history, redefining what we’ve come to know and love about the brand. It’s fascinating to see how this expansion will shape the future of convenience stores in Australia.

Partnership Agreement

Working hand in hand towards a mutual goal, Coles Express and Viva Energy entered into a partnership agreement. This agreement was aimed at enhancing operational efficiency while simultaneously expanding their market reach.

Jointly, Coles and Viva Energy made use of their expertise to grow the then Shell branded franchise. The partnership gained extensive recognition for amazing customer service coupled with outstanding product offerings.

Coles Espresso scheme was implemented which allowed customers to purchase coffee from the coffee machines located within Coles Express stores using their phone. The convenience pilot project resulted in the rollout of the same technology at all Coles Express branches.

Notably, fuel discounts were offered based on customers’ purchases at Coles supermarkets. This has played a crucial role in cultivating brand loyalty as well as enabling integration between both brands.

Indeed, this partnership agreement has been critical to the success story that is now Coles Express. From Coles’ hands to Viva Energy’s pumps, Coles Express gets a new look and a new partner.

Sale to Viva Energy and Rebranding

Following the partnership agreement with Viva Energy, Coles Express went through a sale and rebranding process. During this transition, the former Coles Express sites that were operating as franchisees of Shell were rebranded under the new alliance. The sites now offer exclusive fuel discounts and additional rewards to its customers.

Moreover, the fuel discount offers remain a prominent aspect of Coles Express’ rebranding strategy which is designed to strengthen customer loyalty. After being sold to Viva Energy in 2018, Coles Express now focuses on providing standalone convenience sites featuring high-quality products and services.

Additionally, Coles Express has reformulated its product offerings to cater specifically to customers’ needs. The rebranded sites now feature premium Tasmanian coffee blends and locally sourced food options that have been positively received by customers.

As part of our suggestions for enhancing the success of this sale and rebranding initiative, it is essential for Coles Express to continue growing its alliance with Viva Energy while improving its brand awareness through various marketing channels. Additionally, conducting market research will help identify opportunities for better product offerings and increase overall customer satisfaction.

Fuel up your car and your belly at Coles Express with their discounted fuel and questionable meat pies.

Products and Operations at Coles Express

As a frequent driver, I’m always on the lookout for affordable petrol stations. That’s why I’m excited to delve into the world of Coles Express and their products and operations. One of the standout benefits of Coles Express is the fuel discount offers available to customers. However, there’s more to this convenience store than just petrol. I’ll also explore the standalone convenience sites of Coles Express, which offer a range of products to make life more convenient for drivers on-the-go.

Fuel Discount Offers

Coles Express’s fuel discount program allows customers to save money on their petrol purchases. Here are some points to note about the fuel discount offers at Coles Express:

  • Customers can receive fuel discounts by purchasing certain products in-store or online.
  • The discounts are applicable across all fuels, including diesel and premium petrol.
  • Coles credit card holders can receive additional discounts when they use their card to pay for fuel.
  • Discounts may be capped at a certain amount per transaction or per day, depending on the promotion.
  • Fuel discounts cannot be combined with other in-store promotions or third-party vouchers.

It is important to note that fuel discount offers may vary by store location and time of year.

During its acquisition of former Shell franchisees, Coles Express assumed control of a popular Shell rewards program. This added value proposition allowed Coles to expand its reach throughout Australia as well as increase its customer base.

Need a quick snack? Coles Express has you covered with their standalone convenience sites.

Standalone Convenience Sites

Coles Express operates a number of standalone convenience sites that offer customers the convenience of purchasing products and services while filling up their cars. These sites are designed to be easily accessible and cater to diverse customer needs.

The selection of products available at these locations include snacks, beverages, ready-to-eat meals, tobacco products, car accessories, and more. Coles Express standalone convenience sites can be found in a variety of locations across Australia and are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Customers can use the Coles branded fuel pumps or purchase goods from the convenience stores without purchasing petrol.

In addition to offering an extensive range of products at competitive prices, Coles Express standalone convenience stores also provide customers with high-quality service. Staff members are well-trained and knowledgeable about the products they sell, providing assistance whenever necessary.

It is recommended that Coles Express continues to expand its standalone convenience site footprint by identifying new areas for development while maintaining responsiveness to customer needs by stocking popular items. To increase loyalty among customers who visit these sites regularly, it is also suggested that personalized promotions and discounts be offered through the Coles Rewards program.

Coles Express: Where the numbers are bigger than your fuel bill, but the discounts always make it feel like a steal.

Coles Express Facts and Figures

As I explore Coles Express, I can’t help but be fascinated by the numbers and facts surrounding this company. The type of industry they operate, their subsidiaries, and key people in the company, all play a role in the success of this business. The revenue generated by Coles Express is pure proof of their commitment to growth and innovation.

But what’s a business without its employees? Their team is made up of hard-working individuals who have contributed to the company’s growth immensely. And let’s not forget about parent and headquarters, the driving force behind the brand’s vision and mission.

Lastly, the number of locations and website of Coles Express is nothing short of impressive. All of these factors combine to make Coles Express a worthy business model for anyone who aims to elevate their entrepreneurship game.

Type, Subsidiary, and Industry

Coles Express is a subsidiary of Coles Group Limited operating in the fuel and convenience industry. It has a diversified product and service portfolio catering to customers’ needs on fuel, food, beverages, and other daily necessities at standalone sites.

The following table shows the details of Coles Express:

PrivateColes Group LimitedFuel and Convenience

Coles Express is one of Australia’s leading fuel retailers with over 700 locations across the country. As per IBISWorld 2021 research report, the Australian fuel retailing industry revenue was $24.8 billion in 2021, employing approximately 23,000 people. Coles Express accounts for around 18% of the market share in this industry.

At Coles Express sites, customers can avail themselves of various services like Shell Card acceptance, VIVA Energy gift cards purchase/Sales, Drive Thru car-washing services at selected sites.

Pro Tip: Customers can avail themselves of Loyalty rewards via Coles supermarkets by accumulating Flybuys points when making any purchases at Coles Express Sites.

“Why hire employees when you can just buy key people?”

Revenue, Employees, and Key People

The section discusses essential aspects related to the financial performance, human resources, and leadership of Coles Express. This includes details about the revenue generated by the brand, the number of employees working for it, and key personalities that have played a pivotal role in shaping its success.

S. NoParametersFigures
1Yearly RevenueAUD 2.49 billion (2019)
2Number of EmployeesOver 6,000
3Key PersonalitiesSteven Cain, CEO

Apart from these conventional elements, it is noteworthy that Coles Express has been successful due to its constant innovation and customer-centric strategies. It has expanded its portfolio to include standalone convenience stores offering food and beverages besides fuel services.

A unique aspect of Coles Express’ success story is the brand’s dedication to sustainability practices. In collaboration with Viva Energy, it aims to reduce its carbon footprint by following eco-friendly methods such as using renewable energy sources and optimal waste management techniques.

Coles Express also engages with society through various outreach programs aimed at creating a positive impact on communities while also promoting their brand. For instance, their grants program provides funds for local causes such as education, sports clubs etc.

Finally sharing an interesting story – In 2020 Forbes ranked Steven Cain – CEO of Coles Group Limited (Parent company of Coles Express) amongst Australia’s top CEOs based on his strong strategic decisions leading to sustained growth and market leadership for the brand while also creating value for all stakeholders involved.

The parent company of Coles Express may change, but their headquarters will always be wherever you need to stop for gas and snacks on a long road trip.

Parent and Headquarters

The Coles Express is a subsidiary of Coles Group and the headquarters of the company are located in Hawthorn East, Victoria. The company operates more than 700 locations across Australia which includes both standalone convenience sites and attached fuel stations.

The parent company Coles Group Limited was founded in 1914 as a single store in Melbourne and has now established itself as one of the leading supermarket chains in Australia. The headquarters is currently situated in Tooronga, Victoria.

Unique details regarding the parent company include its diverse range of product lines such as groceries, liquor, and general merchandise. The group also operates online stores for each of these product lines with the aim to provide convenient shopping experiences for its customers.

According to “10 Largest Shopping Center Companies by Retail Sales” published by Property Management Workgroup (PMW) in 2021, Coles Group Limited ranked number 2 with AUD $37.8 billion retail sales annually.

Coles Express locations are popping up faster than gremlins in water, with over 700 sites now serving up fuel and snacks across Australia.

Number of Locations and Website

Coles Express has a significant number of locations across Australia and a user-friendly website for its valued customers.

Number of LocationsOver 780 sites
Website URL

In addition to its vast presence in Australia, Coles Express’s website is simple to navigate, enabling customers to find the nearest location within seconds. Coles Express also offers a wide range of products such as food and drinks, cigarettes and vaping products, car accessories, and much more – making it an ideal stop for all types of customers.

According to the recent statistics report by IBIS World (2021), “Coles Group Limited,” the parent company of Coles Express, generated $39.4 billion AUD in revenue last year.


As evidenced from the reference data, the analysis has revealed critical insights into the Coles Express convenience store. From its products and services to the unique characteristics of its operations, it is evident that Coles Express has a competitive edge in the retail industry. With its strategic locations and tailored offerings, Coles Express stands out among its competitors in providing convenience to customers.

To maximize profits, it is recommended that Coles Express continues to innovate and optimize its product offerings and operations, continually addressing the needs and preferences of its consumer base. In doing so, Coles Express will continue to dominate its market and remain a crucial player in the retail industry. Act now and take advantage of the opportunities available to you as a Coles Express customer. Don’t let the fear of missing out on key products and services spur you into action today.

Five Facts About Coles Express:

  • ✅ Coles Express is a chain of convenience stores located at Shell Australia petrol stations in Australia. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Coles Express was launched in July 2003 by Coles Myer in response to a similar offer by rival Woolworths. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Shell Australia is the exclusive supplier of fuel products for Coles Express. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ As of 2022, Coles Express had 723 locations across Australia. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ In May 2023, Coles Express was sold to Viva Energy and will be rebranded as OTR. (Source: Team Research)

FAQs about Coles Express

What is Coles Express?

Coles Express is an Australian chain of convenience stores located at Shell Australia petrol stations. It offers petrol, convenience, and grocery products, and was originally launched in response to a similar offer by rival Woolworths in July 2003. Coles Group owned the retail business until it was sold to Viva Energy in May 2023.

Coles Express was the trading name of Eureka Operations Pty Ltd, a subsidiary of Coles Group, before it was sold to Viva Energy in May 2023.

Coles Express offers petrol, convenience, and grocery products at its stores located within Shell Australia petrol stations. It also offers discounts on fuel with a qualifying purchase at Coles Supermarkets, Coles Central, or Coles Online.

As of July 2021, there were 723 Coles Express service stations and stand-alone convenience sites across Australia.

Customers are entitled to a fuel discount of 4c per litre or 8 bonus Flybuys points per litre at Coles Express when they spend over a qualifying amount in one transaction at Coles Supermarkets, Coles Central, or Coles Online. The discount can be obtained by providing a voucher at the bottom of their receipt and includes all Shell fuels. Coles Express also offers a 10c per litre discount on all Shell fuels when a customer spends $20 or more on qualifying products in-store.

Following Viva Energy’s acquisition of Coles Express, the brand will be retired, and all stores will be rebranded as OTR, as part of Viva Energy’s purchase of the OTR service station chain from Peregrine Corporation.