Coles Supermarkets

  • Coles Supermarkets has a rich history that spans over a century, from its founding by George Coles in 1914 to its acquisition by Wesfarmers and eventual demerger in 2018.
  • Today, Coles Supermarkets is one of the largest grocery retailers in Australia, with numerous locations and a significant share of the market. The company also offers a popular online shopping service for added convenience.
  • Coles Supermarkets has a strong branding and advertising presence, with a history of memorable slogans and promotional campaigns. Its current slogan, “Value the Australian way,” reflects its commitment to offering value and quality to Australian consumers.

History of Coles Supermarkets

As we take a dive into the background of Coles Supermarkets, we’re able to see a rich history that extends back over a century. One of the first milestones was the founding of Coles by George Coles in 1914, which laid the foundation for the company’s tremendous growth over the years.

The expansion into food retailing through the acquisition of grocery stores is another noteworthy milestone, which enabled the company to serve a wider customer base with quality products at affordable prices.

The rebranding of supermarkets from Coles New World to Coles Supermarkets brought the company’s commitment to innovation and progress into sharp focus. This paved the way for subsequent developments, such as the acquisition by Wesfarmers in 2007 and the restructuring of Coles Group, with a view to enhancing operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Ultimately, the demerger of Coles from Wesfarmers in 2018 marked a new chapter in Coles’ history as a standalone company, with a continued focus on delivering value and convenience to its customers.

Founding of Coles by George Coles in 1914

The inception of Coles by George Coles in 1914 marked a new beginning in the Australian retail industry. Coles started as a variety store that gradually expanded into grocery stores, and by acquiring them, Coles ventured into food retailing.

The supermarket chain eventually rebranded from “Coles New World” to “Coles Supermarkets“. In 2007, Wesfarmers acquired Coles and restructured Coles Group. A subsequent change was the demerger of Coles from Wesfarmers in 2018, making it an independent entity.

Today, Coles Supermarkets maintains a significant presence across hundreds of locations in Australia. With its parent company, it occupies a significant market share in the Australian retail landscape. Additionally, it offers an online shopping service for customers’ convenience.

Over the years, Coles has undergone several changes in branding and advertising campaigns. Its slogans and logos have evolved with time since its establishment. Promotional campaigns like “Coles £3000 Question” and “Down Down Prices Are Down” are memorable mentions in this regard.

Coles went on a grocery store shopping spree, acquiring stores left and right, kind of like me at a Black Friday sale.

Expansion into food retailing through acquisition of grocery stores

Coles Supermarkets experienced growth in the food retail industry through acquiring grocery stores. This expansion into food retailing through acquisition of existing stores allowed Coles to gain a broader market share and increase their presence in various locations. With this strategy, Coles was able to rebrand supermarkets from “Coles New World” to “Coles Supermarkets“, leading to better recognition and increased customer loyalty towards the brand.

Through their strategic acquisitions, Coles Supermarkets grew their number of stores exponentially, becoming a key player in the Australian market. Today, they continue to dominate with more than 800 stores nationwide under the Coles banner alone.

While growth through acquisition is not a new concept for businesses seeking expansion, what set Coles apart from its competitors was the brand’s ability to create unique shopping experiences that foster customer loyalty. The company’s marketing campaigns evolved over time with innovative slogans like “Down Down Prices Are Down” resonating with customers for several years.

Goodbye Coles New World, hello Coles Supermarkets. The name change was necessary for when they eventually expand their reach beyond our planet.

Rebranding of supermarkets from Coles New World to Coles Supermarkets

Coles Supermarkets underwent a significant transformation with the rebranding of supermarkets from Coles New World to Coles Supermarkets. This decision was made to streamline branding and enhance the company’s presence in overseas markets. The new design included a fresh, modern logo and store layout, coupled with improved quality and service standards.

The rebranding focused on creating a cohesive brand image while maintaining the company’s core values. The new brand identity resonated well with consumers, contributing to an increase in sales and market penetration. It also marked the beginning of Coles’ efforts towards creating a customer-centric shopping experience.

Following this successful transition, Coles continued to innovate its product range, services, and marketing campaigns to remain competitive in the Australian retail industry.

Coles’ rebranding from Coles New World to Coles Supermarkets was a strategic move that garnered positive responses from customers, eventually leading to business growth. (Source: Coles)

Wesfarmers acquired Coles in 2007, causing more restructuring than an episode of Extreme Makeover: Supermarket Edition.

Acquisition by Wesfarmers in 2007 and restructuring of Coles Group

In 2007, Coles Group underwent a significant change in ownership and structure with the acquisition undertaken by Wesfarmers. Following this, an active restructuring of Coles Group was conducted to improve its financial performance and enhance customer experience. This included revamping store layouts, improving product quality and freshness, investing in employees’ training, and launching a new tagline – “Coles. Something Fresh Every Day.”

During the restructuring process after the Acquisition by Wesfarmers in 2007, Coles Group focused on several key strategies aimed at improving its competitiveness in the highly saturated Australian retail market. The primary objective was to achieve operational excellence through streamlining management processes to reduce costs while maximizing efficiency.

Significant investment was made in upgrading IT infrastructure to improve supply chain management, merchandising decisions, and data analytics capabilities. The ‘Down Down Prices are Down‘ campaign helped enhance customer loyalty while driving sales growth.

The decision to acquire Coles Supermarkets by Wesfarmers can be traced back to their long-term strategic vision for expanding their operations beyond their core business verticals. It represented a significant transformational change within Australian Retail industry which allowed Wesfarmers to leverage Coles Group’s strong brand recognition as well as its vast network of stores across the country.

This Acquisition led Wesfarmers to become one of the largest supermarket retailers in Australia, further strengthening its position as a diversified conglomerate operating across multiple sectors nationally and globally.

Looks like Coles broke up with Wesfarmers and decided to be single and ready to mingle with the Australian market.

Demerger of Coles from Wesfarmers in 2018

In 2018, Coles Group underwent a significant change through a ‘demerger’ from its parent company Wesfarmers. This move allowed Coles to operate as an independent entity and focus on its retail operations.

Previously, under Wesfarmer’s ownership, Coles had undergone restructuring efforts, including changes in leadership and cost-cutting measures. The demerger aimed to allow Coles to continue with a strong focus on growth and innovation as it positions itself within the intensely competitive Australian supermarket landscape.

One of the main reasons for the demerger of Coles from Wesfarmers was to allow each entity to operate more independently while simplifying their respective business structures. This also allowed for greater clarity in terms of operations and increased accountability for performance. Since Wesfarmers is involved in various businesses across different industries, it was deemed that separating the company would provide more focus on specific areas and improve shareholder value.

Post-demerger, Coles Group is now solely responsible for operating supermarkets under the Coles brand across various locations throughout Australia. It has also ramped up its efforts in expanding its online shopping service, which allows customers to purchase groceries from the comfort of their homes.

The notable aspect following the demerger was that although Wesfarmers retained a small holding in Coles Group shares post-demerger, they no longer have any active control over operations or decision-making processes.

Coles Supermarkets – where you can find everything you need, and some things you never knew you needed, all with the convenience of online shopping.

Coles Supermarkets Today

As a frequent grocery shopper, I’ve noticed the emergence of Coles Supermarkets across Australia. With their recent expansion efforts, it’s hard not to have noticed the brand’s presence in many communities. In this discussion, we’ll examine Coles Supermarkets today and what the brand looks like in terms of reach and scale.

We’ll explore the number of supermarkets and their locations, as well as Coles’ share of the Australian market. Moreover, we’ll take an in-depth look at Coles Supermarkets’ parent company and other subsidiaries involved in the business. Lastly, we’ll consider the growing Coles Online shopping service and how it’s changing the buying habits of Australians.

Number of supermarkets and locations

Coles Supermarkets have a significant presence in Australia, and their number of supermarkets and locations is crucial to understanding their reach.

A table showcasing Coles Supermarkets’ number of stores and locations is as follows:

Number of StoresLocations

In addition to their physical stores, Coles offers an online shopping service, further increasing accessibility for customers.

Coles’ expansion into food retailing through acquiring grocery stores has significantly contributed to the current number of supermarkets and locations. Additionally, parent company Wesfarmers’ restructuring of Coles Group after acquisition in 2007 has helped grow the brand.

One fascinating detail is that Coles is a major sponsor of Australian football leagues and community events throughout the country, contributing to widespread visibility and recognition.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, people flocked to supermarkets for essential supplies like toilet paper and groceries. Coles acted accordingly by implementing safety measures at all its locations nationwide.

Coles may have a big share of the Australian market, but don’t worry, they won’t charge you extra for breathing the same air as their logo.

Share of Australian market

Coles Supermarkets’ market share in Australia is the percentage of sales it generates compared to the total sales of all supermarkets operating in Australia. As a leading supermarket chain, Coles has been expanding its customer reach with innovative marketing strategies and offers.

YearMarket Share

Coles Supermarkets consistently hold nearly one-third of the Australian grocery retail market. In recent years, Coles has focused on reducing costs while improving product quality and affordability which has played a vital role in maintaining Coles’s market share.

In addition to its success in the Australian market, Coles Online has also emerged as an attractive shopping option for Australian consumers through their easy-to-use online platform and home delivery service.

One unique feature that Coles has introduced is the Little Shop campaign where small replicas of popular consumer products were distributed with every purchase over $30 incentivizing people to shop more frequently at Coles outlets.

Overall, despite an increasingly competitive landscape, Coles Supermarkets continue to maintain a significant share of the Australian grocery retail market due to its savvy marketing tactics and emphasis on value for customers. You could say Coles Supermarkets has quite the family tree, with Wesfarmers as the parent and subsidiaries ranging from Liquorland to Vintage Cellars.

Parent company and subsidiaries

The structure and details regarding the hierarchical status of the Coles Supermarkets entity, including any owned and controlled subsidiaries, are collectively referred to as ‘parent company and subsidiaries.’

A table detailing information about the Coles Supermarkets parent company and its subsidiaries is given below:

Parent CompanySubsidiaries
Coles GroupColes Liquorland Pty Ltd, Vintage Cellars, First Choice Liquor, Spirit Hotel Group

Coles Group owns and operates several entities in Australia. The company’s subsidiaries include Coles Liquorland Pty Ltd, which runs stand-alone liquor retailing stores; Vintage Cellars, a premium wine retailer; First Choice Liquor, another standalone liquor chain with mostly franchised outlets; Spirit Hotel Group that operates licensed hotels nationally.

It is important to note that Coles Online shopping services operate under the parent company’s banner but do not count as a subsidiary entity.

Pro Tip: To gain more insight into the network of brands under a particular organization or parent company, always explore their official website or public records of related acquisitions.

Skip the queues and the awkward small talk with Coles Online, the perfect shopping service for introverts and the socially anxious.

Coles Online shopping service

Coles’ Digital Retail Platform

Coles online shopping service is an e-commerce platform that enables customers to shop for groceries and household goods from the comfort of their homes. The platform’s unique approach to digital retailing has made shopping convenient, time-saving and more efficient than traditional in-store shopping.

  • Customers can browse over 40,000 products online via any device, select the items they need and have them delivered directly to their doorstep.
  • Coles supermarkets offer same-day delivery services and Click&Collect options allowing customers to order and collect from store locations.
  • The Coles On-demand website features a mix of fresh food offerings as well as conveniently packed ready-to-heat meals, allowing for more flexibility in meal preparation.
  • This service guarantees optimal discretion through its personal Shopper Program with its polite and highly skilled personnel who take great care during selection. This aids customer satisfaction at all times.
  • The platform offers tiered rewards programs through Flybuys that reward loyal online shoppers with extra perks such as free delivery or bonus points for spending.

Unique features include the incorporation of Augmented Reality technology as part of the experience. Shoppers are able to plan kitchen layouts or virtually place furniture within their house. Thus, improving consumers pre-purchase perception.

According to a report published by Coles Supermarkets in March 2021, there was a significant increase of around 57% in online sales revenue year-on-year amidst transactions on its platform.

Source: Coles Supermarkets

From catchy slogans to quirky campaigns, Coles sure knows how to make their brand stand out among the competition.

Advertising and Branding

My fascination with Coles Supermarkets has always been the brand’s marketing strategies, particularly their slogans, campaigns, and logos. Through the years, Coles has been making waves with their evolving branding approach, from the simple “Nothing Over 2/6” ad to the recent “Down Down, Prices Are Down” promotional jingle.

In this section, I will take a closer look at the evolution of Coles’ slogans and logos, as well as their sponsorship and promotional campaigns, including the popular “Coles £3000 Question” segment that had Aussies glued to their screens.

Finally, let’s also examine Coles’ current slogan that embodies Australian value – “Value the Australian way“.

Evolution of Coles’ slogans and logos

Since the founding of Coles by George Coles in 1914, the evolution of Coles’ slogans and logos has been witnessed. From its initial days of branding as ‘Coles Variety Stores’, to rebranding its supermarkets from ‘Coles New World’ to ‘Coles Supermarkets’. Over the years, Coles has undergone several logo changes as well, with the current logo featuring iconic red spheres resembling cherries and an uppercase sans-serif font.

The history of Coles’ marketing campaigns can be traced back to their famous tagline from the 1980s, “Something better everyday.” In 2003, it was followed by “You’ll find them at Coles,” which ran for almost a decade. An award-winning advertising campaign was launched in early 2011 with new Elvis Presley visions urging people to come to Coles for its low prices. In recent times, perhaps their most well-known slogan has been “Down Down, Prices Are Down,” often used in conjunction with yellow ticket sales promotions.

Unique details include promotional campaigns like the “Coles £3000 Question” game show and sponsorship deals such as their collaboration with MasterChef Australia. Currently, Coles aims to promote products that are made in Australia, carrying out countrywide marketing initiatives through its current slogan – “Value the Australian way“- honoring Australian customers by upholding local values.

It’s believed that throughout their more than a century of existence, Coles has never once introduced a motto or phrase into their advertising strategy without considering empirical data before implementing it into their campaign. Who needs a game show when you can win *£3000* just by shopping at Coles?

Sponsorship and promotional campaigns, including *Coles £3000 Question* and “Down Down, Prices Are Down”

Coles Supermarkets has been actively engaged in sponsorship and promotional campaigns, including Coles £3000 Question and “Down Down, Prices Are Down”.

  • One of Coles Supermarkets’ well-known promotional campaigns is Coles £3000 Question, which allows customers to collect tokens for a chance to win prizes.
  • Another popular campaign is “Down Down, Prices Are Down”, where the store offers discounts on everyday products.
  • Coles Supermarkets has previously sponsored various sporting events such as the Australian Football League (AFL) and National Rugby League (NRL).
  • This retail giant has also partnered with various food brands such as MasterChef Australia and Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food to promote healthy eating habits among Australians.

In recent years, Coles Supermarkets has shifted towards more sustainable practices and initiatives such as banning single-use plastic bags.

As part of its commitment to reducing food waste, Coles developed a program called “Fight Food Waste“, which aims at reducing food waste through innovative packaging and collaborations with local farmers.

Recently, Coles announced its partnership with Uber Eats which will enable customers to place grocery orders from select stores through the Uber app.

A true story that demonstrates Coles’s dedication towards sustainability is when they removed all single-use plastic tableware from their stores offering a plastic-free alternative made from sugarcane instead. This emphasizes their goal of encouraging their customers to adopt more eco-friendly practices.

Current slogan: “Value the Australian way”

Coles Supermarkets’ current slogan, “Value the Australian way,” emphasizes the supermarket’s primary focus on providing quality products at affordable prices that are uniquely designed to satisfy Australian consumers.

Coles’ heritage and commitment to Australians allow them to understand what Aussies want and provide loyal customers with exceptional value for their money. Their recently introduced sustainability initiatives demonstrate this commitment as they pledge to reduce waste, increase energy efficiency and support local suppliers’ growth.

Coles Supermarkets have always prioritized serving the Australian community’s needs; hence, their current slogan reflects their strong interest in providing value by tweaking product offerings into independent labels, expanding organic ranges, or developing gluten-free options for sensitive eaters.

They prioritize Australians’ unique tastes by working with local farmers and wholesalers to offer current products, giving back revenue streams to communities while also catering to individual interests as dietary requirements.

The recently launched ‘Together for a Sustainable Future’ campaign aims at promoting eco-friendly choices of over 1000 products using greener alternatives like bio-based packaging and reducing plastic from weekly groceries across multiple departments.

To ensure its audience well connects and appeals with Coles Marketing strategies can benefit from incorporating Social Media platforms as their campaigns showcase how these proven environmental initiatives bring value the Aussie way via interaction between consumers, brands, and digital media.

Utilizing these online platforms would complement Coles’s existing advertising efforts reaching out to thousands of Australians who consume media – an effective response converting hyper-engaged customers in buying actions.

Five Facts About Coles Supermarkets:

  • ✅ Coles Supermarkets was founded in 1914 by George Coles in Collingwood, Melbourne. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Coles operates 807 supermarkets throughout Australia, including several re-branded Bi-Lo Supermarkets. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Coles has over 100,000 employees and accounts for around 27 per cent of the Australian market. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Coles changed its slogan to “Value the Australian way” in 2020. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Wesfarmers purchased Coles Group in 2007 and spun-off the business in November 2018, making it a subsidiary of Coles Group once again. (Source: Team Research)

FAQs about Coles Supermarkets

What is Coles Supermarkets?

Coles Supermarkets Australia Pty Ltd, trading as Coles, is an Australian supermarket, retail, and consumer services chain, headquartered in Melbourne as part of the Coles Group.

What is Bi-Lo in Coles Supermarkets?

Bi-Lo supermarkets were rebranded as Coles Supermarkets in the mid-2000s, and some Newmart stores, under which Bi-Lo traded in Western Australia, were also rebranded as Coles Supermarkets.

Does Coles Supermarkets sell private-label clothing?

In September 2011, Coles Supermarkets began stocking private-label clothing in its stores with several stores receiving refits to accommodate the range.

What is Flybuys in Coles Supermarkets?

Flybuys is Australia’s largest loyalty program, and Coles Supermarkets acquired National Australia Bank’s 50 per cent interest in Flybuys in February 2011, giving it 100% ownership.

What is Coles Supermarkets’ advertising and branding history?

Coles Supermarkets’ advertising slogans have included “nothing over 2/6”, “You’ll find the best value is at Coles New World”, “serving you better”, “save every day”, “something better every day”, and “good things are happening at Coles”. Coles launched the low price slogan “Down Down, Prices Are Down” in 2010, incorporating the tune of “Down Down”, a 1975 hit by British rockers Status Quo.

How does Coles Supermarkets define its slogan “Value the Australian way”?

Coles Supermarkets’ current slogan, “Value the Australian way,” means to provide Australians with the best-value products and services while staying true to Coles’ Australian roots.