Why does the Competition Authority put Supermarkets under close Surveillance

A sharp increase in the market shares of the big chains and excessively high food prices has led to the creation of a special strike force, while anonymous whistleblowers are encouraged. Fifteen years after its two decisions on the supermarket cartel, the Competition Commission is re-branding the sector, finding that in recent years the rapid restructuring that

The Ultimate Surprise – He sweeps everything in Northern Greece

A large Greek chain of discount supermarkets has set the goal of further increasing its financial size for 2023. In this context, it opened yesterday, Monday 18/9, a new store in the area of ​​Thessaloniki and is preparing additional sales points for its products until the end of the year. The reason for the Discount Markt –

Rents, supermarkets, petrol – How young people (don’t) manage…

Do you live by yourself; Roommates? Do you have your family or your relationship? Are you still in the same house as your parents? Whatever the scenario may be, one thing is certain. The hoarseness about how you will make ends meet financially this month is big and worries young and old alike. Especially the young people, who at this

What has Changed in Spending and Eating Habits in the last 10 Years

Significant changes in nutrition in the last decade in terms of spending and consumption shows a survey released by the Consumer Goods Retail Research Institute (IELKA) on the occasion of Nutrition Day (October 16).​ According to the results of the analysis, the per capita expenditure on groceries was formed in 2022 at 1,825 euros, reduced

The Future of Food: Inside Australia’s Game-Changing Plant-Based Supermarket

As I explore the fascinating landscape of plant-based supermarkets in Australia, it becomes evident that there is a remarkable rise in this emerging trend. The demand for plant-based products has skyrocketed in recent years, leading to the emergence of specialized supermarkets catering exclusively to this growing consumer base. In this section, we will dive into